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Naked Beach Ticket Waitlist

Space is limited

Quick Details


  • WAITLIST for the Naked Beach Tickets
  • It is important that you are agile enough to hop on and off to the beach from the boat or in rare chance we have to swim to the beach.
Person - Men Only WAITLIST - if there is space you will be charged full price of the tour

Do you want to join the Naked Beach Party, but your date is sold out? Join the WAITLIST!

  1. Ticket Availability: Jet’s Naked Beach tickets are in high demand and often sell out quickly.
  2. Waitlist: If you can’t purchase a ticket in time, you can join the waitlist for your desired date.  Choose your desired date on the waitlist calendar and put in your information.  You will only be charged if you make the tour.
  3. Cancellation Notifications: The tour organizers will notify you by 5 p.m. the night before the tour if there are any cancellations, and you might have a chance to get a spot.
  4. Check-In for Waitlist: If you don’t receive a cancellation notification, you can still try to get a spot by showing up for the waitlist. Check-in for the waitlist starts at 10:15 a.m. on the tour day.
  5. No-Shows: There’s a good chance that some people who booked tickets won’t show up for the tour. If you come prepared and ready to go, you might be able to secure a space if there are no-shows.


This tour is:

  • For adult men 18+
  • Clothing optional
  • Small groups of up to 95 people
  • Traditional Panga transport
  • Includes open bar and snacks