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Private Naked Boat Tour (Panga Plus)

Your fully private experience!

Quick Details


  • It is essential that you are agile enough to hop on and off to the beach from the boat, or in rare chances, we have to swim to the shore.
6 hours Includes 2 people
Extra Adult Add More Adults max 20 people

Experience Puerto Vallarta at a private and secluded nude beach with our Private Naked Boat Tour – Panga Plus!

A completely private and secluded experience off the beaten path, join our nude-friendly guides as they lead you on a liberating nudist adventure of a lifetime. This tour is perfect for mixed groups and couples; this tour follows the same itinerary as our public tour but is completely private. We will head south down the coast, taking in the beautiful sites in the bay and spotting wildlife, eventually ending up at a stunning tropical secluded beach where you can bear it all.   Here you can fiesta the day away, explore, snorkel, and play games on the beach. Because the tour is private, we can also take the time to visit other points of interest in the bay – it’s entirely up to you!